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Reader questions and comments are welcome and encouraged and contents may be reprinted with credit. Please address all inquiries to: Collyn Floyd, editor, at or (330) 458-2071. You can also mail or fax inquiries: Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Attn: Editor, Action 222 Market Avenue N Canton, Ohio 44702 Fax: (330) 489-6005 For information about advertising available for Chamber members, please contact Denise Burton, director of membership, at or (330) 458-2067. Advertisement does not constitute endorsement by Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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Downtown Developments Newsletter is published quarterly by Canton Development Partnership, a department of Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with Downtown Canton Special Improvement District.

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Information regarding downtown events and news can be submitted for reprint at the discretion of the Partnershnip director and publication editor. The Canton Development Partnership reserves the right to edit all copy. Deadlines are the 15th of the month, one month prior to publication (i.e. July 15 for the Aug/Sept/Oct issue). Statements of fact and opinion within Downtown Developments are the responsibility of the authors alone and do not imply the opinion of the members of the Canton Development Partnership or its partnering organizations.